Severance Negotiations

Whether you have been terminated and offered a severance package, wrongfully terminated, or discriminated against in the workplace – we can assist you negotiate a reasonable and favorable severance package. Two things must happen before we can do this:

  • We understand your circumstances; and
  • You understand the legal regime that applies to you. This stage includes answering questions like:
  • Which is better: lump sum payment or salary and benefit continuance?
  • Should you look for new work, and what happens if you find it?
  • Are you entitled to bonuses, commissions, or other variable compensation during the notice period? What about entitlements that accrued while you were still working?
  • Are the legal costs recoverable?
  • Are you entitled to compensation for “the manner” in which you were dismissed?
  • What if you were harassed or discriminated against? Can you seek damages for that too?
  • What if the company won’t negotiate? What if they withdraw their original offer?

If you’d like us to help you negotiate a favourable severance, please prepare all the paperwork that we need to review in an organized manner (this includes employment contract, termination letter, severance offer, email communications about severance) and contact us today!