Important Points to note in BC Wrongful Dismissal law

  • Before terminating you (for any reason except for misconduct/just cause), your employer owes you either adequate notice or payment in lieu of that notice.
  • Whether you received adequate notice or payment in lieu can be a legal question – please seek the assistance of an employment lawyer to help you understand your legal position.
    • An assessment of the employment contract, employment policies, common law, legislation may be necessary to determine your entitlements
  • Not receiving adequate notice or payment in lieu of that notice at the time of termination makes the termination wrongful i.e. wrongful dismissal.
  • Do you want to know if you received everything you are entitled to at termination? Speak to an employment lawyer today.

4 Steps to Take if You Think You’ve Been Wrongfully Dismissed

Below, we point out the 4 Steps you can take to ensure you receive what you are entitled to upon termination. They include:

  • Do not sign severance offers or documents until you have had a chance to seek legal advice.
  • Write down what happened as soon as possible and include details like dates, names, and who said what.
  • Collect and organize documents regarding your employment and termination such as:
    • Employment contract/offer letter;
    • Performance reviews;
    • Pay statements and tax documents;
    • Emails/texts discussing the work environment or your termination;
    • Any document provided to you at termination;
  • Seek the counsel of a wrongful dismissal lawyer.