5 Days of Paid Sick Leave for BC Employees

The Horgan government has established paid sick leave for employees in B.C. taking effect January 1, 2022. This move makes British Columbia the first province in Canada to provide paid sick days to employees. The Horgan government has explained this move as an effort to assist employees in B.C. so that they can stay home … Read more

Vaccine Passports in the Workplace, and Guidance from Service Canada

With vaccine numbers on the rise and vaccine passports fast becoming a mandatory requirement to enter into recreational events and businesses, many BC employees have found themselves questioning if there will be any exemptions to presenting proof of vaccination in the workplace. Here’s what you need to know. The Vaccine Passport System As of 13 … Read more

BC Human Rights Tribunal: A win against discriminatory termination

Zoe Arghandewal was counsel for the Complainant alleging one of the reasons her employer terminated her was because she had a physical disability. The Tribunal agreed with the Complainant and ordered the employer to pay compensation for wage loss, injury to dignity award, and pre-and-post judgment interest on those amounts. Notably, the complainant had signed … Read more

What is Wrongful Dismissal – A Simplified Guide

Important Points to note in BC Wrongful Dismissal law Before terminating you (for any reason except for misconduct/just cause), your employer owes you either adequate notice or payment in lieu of that notice. Whether you received adequate notice or payment in lieu can be a legal question – please seek the assistance of an employment … Read more

Can Employers Mandate the COVID-19 Vaccine in Your Workplace?

On September 13, 2021, by order of the Provincial Health Officer, proof of vaccination will be required to access some events, services, and businesses. Policies at the workplaces may change and require workers to show proof of vaccination. Some workplaces are prioritized for vaccination because of the nature of the workplace and their safety concerns. … Read more

Your Guide to Severance Agreements in BC

When an employer terminates an employee, one of the things that they may be offered is a severance package. This type of agreement can help to provide short term financial security for an individual who has been terminated from their place of employment. In British Columbia, there are specific guidelines in place for what needs … Read more

Recording at Work in BC

In the age of developing technology and smartphones, it has become much easier to record secretly conversations in the workplace. Audio recordings have become a common occurrence in workplace disputes. Regardless of the intention behind the recordings, it is worth noting that there could be consequences if you are caught recording a conversation with your … Read more

Your Guide to Overtime in BC

In BC, the Employment Standards Act regulates the minimum standards that employees are entitled to and that employers must adhere to. According to the definition under the BC Employment Standards Act, overtime occurs when an employee works more than the standard work hours – typically eight (8) hours per day or forty (40) hours per … Read more

Maternity Leave in BC

Under section 50 of the British Columbia Employment Standards Act, the law that protects workers in BC, all new parents are authorized to take time off work when having a baby or adopting a child. Before taking this time off, you must understand what type of leave you qualify to take, how long you’re allowed … Read more

Leave of Absence in BC

Unfortunately, certain events in your personal life could necessitate taking an extended leave of absence from your employment. According to the British Columbia Employment Standards Act, employees are permitted to take a leave of absence for specific reasons. Here’s what you need to know about your workplace rights regarding taking a leave of absence. Leave … Read more