Working Remotely and Employment Law in BC

For many BC workers, and workers around the world, COVID-19 brought about many changes, including how you work. Nearly everyone had to adjust to this new normal and that meant that more and more individuals were required to work from home, or work “remotely”. What’s more, is that many employees have taken this opportunity to … Read more

Mental Health and Stress Leave in BC

In a recent study published by the Mental Health Commission of Canda, it was found that one in five working individuals struggle with mental health concerns. Moreover, at least 500,000 individuals seek sick leave due to their mental health difficulties caused by stress. With so many Canadians suffering from extreme stress in the workplace, especially … Read more

Independent Contractor Laws in BC

Understanding employment laws in BC can be tricky, especially when establishing whether you are an independent contractor or whether you are an employee. It’s becoming increasingly popular for individuals to take on work on a contract basis under their own small business as an independent contractor instead of being tied down to one company and … Read more

Your Rights as Federally Regulated Employees

Who Qualifies? Under section 240 of the Canada Labour Code, a person who is: not a “manager”; has been employed for longer than 12 months; not subject to a collective agreement; and the dismissal was not the result of a lack of work or a discontinuance of a function; Is eligible to file a complaint … Read more